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Remove Team Members
Remove Team Members

Learn how to remove users from your team.

Updated over a week ago

Context menu of a team member on the peoples page with the "Remove" option highlighted.

To delete members from your team, go to the People Page. Click the three dots next to a user and choose the option Remove.

If the user is the owner of some galleries created in this team (shared or private), you and other Team Admins will still have access to those galleries.


Frequently Asked Questions

I do not have the option to delete users. Why?

Please note that the option to remove members is available for Admins only. If you do not see the option in settings, please ask the Admin to delete users. You can find the current Admin's email on the user's list.

Our Picflow Admin has left the company. How can I remove them?

Please try to resolve the issue with your ex-teammate. He can grant Admin Permissions to other members of the team. If you can't reach that person, please contact us through the chat to regain control of your Picflow team.

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