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Gallery Sharing & Permissions

Learn how you can share content in Picflow.

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Picflow offers different sharing options with its permissions so you can granularly control which types of users can access your content.


Manage how content is accessible to your team members and invite external gallery members as guests. By default, each gallery is visible to all members of your team. You can hide specific galleries from your team.

  • Team Access: Control permissions of a gallery on a company-wide level.

  • Team Members: Control permissions of individual team members. This is helpful if you want to override team-level permissions for specific team members.

  • External Guests Invite external collaborators (i.e., freelancers and clients). Inviting guests is more secure than sharing a link because you can manage their permission individually, and they need a Picflow account.

  • User Groups: Assign permissions to a group of members (Enterprise Only).

Gallery Link

You can share a Picflow gallery with anyone by sending them a secure link. You can add a password or restrict link access completely for private projects. Visitors accessing a gallery link don't need a Picflow account.

  • Public โ€“ Anyone with the link can access the gallery.

  • Protected โ€“ Anyone with the link and the password can access.

  • Private โ€“ Only people added as collaborators can access.

Embed Gallery

Using the embed code, you can embed a Picflow gallery on your website.

Best-Practices for Sharing

Decide how frequently and to what extent you wish to collaborate so you can invite users with the correct method.

  • Visitors are one-time Picflow users, not part of a team or organization. Visitors are perfect for quick sharing, instant collaboration, or one-off proofing. Visitors can only access public galleries shared with them via the gallery link. Visitors don't have to be registered with Picflow and can access public galleries without a Picflow account.

  • Guests are occasional Picflow users who are not part of your team. Guests are perfect for infrequent collaboration in private galleries. You can give access to a registered user and revoke their access at any moment.

  • Members are full team participants for ongoing collaboration. Members can access all galleries shared with them in a team. They have full access to the plan features and can create their own galleries and content.

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