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Invite Members
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Invite people to your team or to individual galleries to collaborate. Depending on settings, inviting new members may be available for Admins only.

Invite members

UI of the people's page in Picflow.

Login to Picflow and go to the People Page. You'll find a button called "Add Members" on the top right corner of that page. Click on that button to open the invitation modal.

Invite team member dialog with an input field to enter email addresses.

On the invitation modal, you can enter the emails of your invitees. You can also paste a list of up to 100 emails. Please make sure the commas are separated by either commas or spaces.

Invitation Process

Your invitee will receive an email invitation and will be able to join your team right away.

If the invitee is not registered with Picflow, the invite will be active for 30 days. If they don't accept the invite immediately, they will receive an email reminder on the 3d and 7th days.

When clicking on the link in the notification email, they will be suggested to sign up. If a non-registered invitee doesn't accept the invitation within 30 days, the invite expires, and the user gets deleted from the Users list.

If you accidentally sent an invite to the wrong person or made a typo, click the three dots next to the invited user and click on Cancel Invitation.

Invite Guests

You can share your galleries with users via email without adding them to your team as members. Such users will be listed as guests on your people's page.

Such users are listed as guests in your Team (Company) settings. Admins can convert them to members or delete them from the team/revoke invitations.

​Guests in Team settings

Guests cannot create their own boards in the team and cannot access team shared boards and projects. If they request to join the team, the notification will be sent to Admins.

Invite Visitors

You can also share your galleries with visitors – such users do not get added to your team and can view/review public galleries without being registered Picflow users.

πŸ’‘ See the difference between members, guests, and visitors on This Page.

Frequently Asked Questions

My invitee has yet to receive an email with the invitation I sent. How can they access my team?

Please ask the user to register with Picflow or to log in if they have a Picflow profile. The user will find your team on the workspace switcher.

I have been invited to a Picflow team but do not see it when I log in, how can I access the team?

Try to find the team on the Workspaces Page and switch to it. If you still can't find the right workspace, please ensure you are logged in with the same email address that has been invited to the team.

There is no Invite Members button on my dashboard. Why?

Admins restricted the option to invite new members in the Invitation settings. Note that this option may be restricted for Team Admins on Consultant and Enterprise plan.

Can I invite users without them registering with Picflow?

Yes, you can share your galleries via public links with unregistered users free of charge.

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