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What is Picflow?

Learn what Picflow is about.

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Picflow is an online collaboration platform for creative professionals. Create galleries and share a secure link with people to showcase your work or to get feedback. Creative collaboration has never been easier!

Picflow is built for all types of creatives such as photographers, designers, and marketers. Here's what we recommend:

  • Create a gallery for each photo shoot, design project, or mood board – whatever makes the most sense for you and your team.

  • Run feedback sessions in Picflow using review and commenting tools.

  • Use Picflow's versioning feature to upload new drafts of each asset while keeping them together in one location.

Gallery Designer

UI of the Gallery Editor in Picflow with layout options highlighted.

Make it yours! Upload images, choose your preferred layout options, add text, and enhance your gallery with third-party embeds. You can also add multiple image sections and style them differently.

Sharing & Collaboration

Share dialog with the collaborate tab active showing members with different access levels.

Picflow offers multiple sharing options with permissions so you can granularly control who can access your content. Invite people to your gallery as collaborators, share a secure link, or embed the gallery on an external website.

Proofing & Workflow

Workflow UI in Picflow with options to filter assets.

Once you've shared your gallery and feedback flows in. Switch to the workflow view to blast through feedback with filter options and bulk operations.

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