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How to Duplicate a Gallery
How to Duplicate a Gallery

Learn how you can duplicate a gallery in Picflow.

Updated over a week ago

You can duplicate a gallery from the dashboard or through the context menu inside the gallery.

Copying from the Dashboard

Gallery context dropdown the "Move/Copy to" option highlighted within the gallery editor.

The Picflow Dashboard holds all galleries you have access to. Click the Three Dots on a gallery to find the Move/Copy to (...) option.

Copying from the Context Menu

Within a gallery, you can find the context menu on the top right of the gallery. Click the Three Dots to find the Move/Copy to (...) option.

Copying the Gallery

Gallery "Move/Copy" dialog showing galleries and folders to move the gallery.

In the Move/Copy to (...) modal, you now have the option to copy the gallery to a different folder location or to copy it as a Sub-Gallery:

  1. Copy to a Location
    You can copy the gallery to the root folder of Picflow or inside a folder.

  2. Copy as a Sub-Gallery
    You can also copy a gallery into another gallery as a Sub-Gallery.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I change the content on the copy, will the original gallery be affected?

No, the content on the copy has no connection with the content on the original gallery.

Is it possible to duplicate several galleries in bulk?

No, this is not currently possible.

Can I share my gallery with my team so they can duplicate it?

Yes, you only need to make sure that your team members have access.

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