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Gallery Status

Learn how to keep track of galleries with Gallery Status.

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This is the best way to track and update the progress of your galleries. By using Gallery Statuses, you ensure that your team and clients are always in sync with the project's progress.

Visual showing an Approved Gallery Status on Picflow

What is Gallery Status?

Gallery Status is a feature that allows you and your team to assign and view the current state of your galleries. Whether a gallery is just getting started, in the midst of revisions, or ready for final review, Gallery Status provides a clear and immediate indication of where things stand.

How Does It Work?

Using Gallery Status is straightforward. Each gallery can be marked with a status that best represents its current phase. The available statuses could range from 'No Status', 'In Progress', 'Needs Review', and 'Approved'. This feature is not just for the creators but also extends to clients and team members who can view and understand the progress of the project at any given time.

Getting Started

To start using Gallery Status, simply go to your gallery settings in Picflow. Here, you can assign the current status to each gallery. This status will be visible to all collaborators, ensuring transparency and alignment across your project team.

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