Image Annotations

Learn how to mark up images in Picflow

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Picflow offers different annotation tools that allow you to highlight parts of the image and effectively communicate a message or idea.

1. Brush Tool

Draws freehand annotations onto the image. To illustrate that you love something in a photo, use the brush tool to show what turned out great.

2. Arrow Tool

Adds an arrow annotation that points to the direction you want. Don't like how something is positioned? An arrow lets you point out exactly where you want something to be moved to. For example, if you have an object you want to be placed elsewhere, an arrow makes it simple to point out where you want it to go.

3. Line Tool

Draws a straight line from one point to another. Use a straight-line annotation to communicate an important border or edge that you want the user to notice. Let’s say you want to show that this image could be cropped differently. Use a straight-line annotation to mark the border for cropping.

4. Circle Tool

Draws a circle to highlight an area of the image. Use a circle annotation to show an area needing retouching. Have a problem with the lighting? A circle around bad lighting shows the user where to brighten the image.

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