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Learn how to embed content to your galleries

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Embed section visualization with different third-party logos such as YouTube, Instagram and others..

Supported Platforms

We made most platforms work by simply pasting the URL into the Embed Section but some others require an iFrame code that you need to copy. This embed code is usually behind a share button and sometimes provide additional options.


Embed Options


URL or Embed code


URL or Embed code


URL or Embed code


URL or Embed code


*Embed code only (How-to)


URL or Embed code

Google Maps

*Embed code only (How-to)

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Add section dialog with the embed section highlighted.

How to Embed Content

  1. Create an Embed Section inside your gallery.

  2. Paste the URL or the embed code into the field.

  3. Confirm by clicking on the "Embed" button.

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