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A few simple rules you should follow

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Picflow is proud to be a global community of creative professionals, which welcomes everyone, regardless of culture, religion, sexual orientation or skin colour. In that spirit, here is a list of things that we don't tolerate.

Abusive, Offensive, Obscene

  • Photos that are pornographic and/or sexually explicit (sexual acts, fetish, violence, models in compromising positions)

  • Photos focussing on male/female sexual reproductive organs (penis, vagina, anus)

  • Excessive gore, blood, and/or horror

  • Violence, hate crime/speech, and any form of illegal activity (depending on the context to which it has been uploaded)

  • Animal cruelty (despite the motivations of a contributor being wholesome, we do not allow photos documenting animal abuse of any kind, even for awareness)

Spam, Advertisement, Self-promotion

  • Users who are using their profiles to advertise services and products unrelated to Picflow.

  • Repeatedly uploading the same images and posting advertisements

Copyright, Plagiarism, Staling

  • Uploading images of copyrighted content. This can be confusing to new users since other social media sites tend to be more lenient with posting content that does not belong to the user.

  • Our community is dedicated to only posting photographic content to which you or your client own the rights and has been created by you.

Off-topic, Other (trolling)

  • A user who sows discord on the Internet in order to start arguments, etc., by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages throughout our online community.


  • As an open and safe community, we will not tolerate harassment, directly or indirectly of our contributors or users.

  • If you encounter harassment we recommend you don’t respond and contact us at if the behaviour continues.

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